Comparing Popular Xiao Long Bao Varieties in Taipei

Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) are a popular and well-known delicacy from Taiwan that have garnered worldwide popularity. Despite having a similar name, the taste, texture, and ingredients of Xiao Long Bao can vary significantly depending on the region where they're made. This is particularly evident in Taipei, where there are numerous Xiao Long Bao varieties offered by various restaurants and street vendors. The purpose of this blog post is to highlight the three most popular Xiao Long Bao varieties in Taipei, their taste profiles, price points, and popularity. By comparing these varieties, we aim to help readers understand the differences between each type and provide recommendations based on individual preferences. Whether a local Taiwanese, expatriate, or traveler, understanding the different Xiao Long Bao varieties in Taipei is a valuable asset for culinary exploration in Taiwan. With so many options available, knowing which ones are worth trying can make all the difference in experiencing the richness of Taiwanese cuisine.

If you're visiting Taipei and haven't tried xiao long bao, you're missing out. These delicious dumplings filled with hot soup and minced meat are a Taiwanese staple. But with so many variations available, which one should you pick? In this blog post, we'll give you an overview of the three most popular xiao long bao varieties in Taipei.

First up is the traditional pork xiao long bao, the original and most common version. Made with minced pork, ginger, and a savory broth, they're a staple in any good Taiwanese restaurant. If you're new to this dumpling, start with this one.

Next is the crab roe xiao long bao, which is filled with minced pork and crab roe. It's a bit sweeter than traditional pork xiao long bao, but the flavor is still rich and savory. This version is perfect for those who want a different twist on a classic.

Finally, there's the truffle xiao long bao, which is filled with minced pork, truffle oil, and a savory broth. The faint taste of truffle oil really elevates this dumpling, making it a gourmet choice. If you're a fan of truffle, this variation is a must-try.

While these three types of xiao long bao are the most popular, there are many other variations available. From vegetarian to lobster, there's no shortage of creative and delicious dumplings in Taipei. But no matter which variety you pick, you're sure to love this delicious Taiwanese treat.

Taste Profiles of Each Variety

There are many different varieties of Xiao Long Bao, also known as soup dumplings. Each variety has a different taste profile, which makes it difficult to choose which one to try first.

One of the most popular varieties is pork filling, which features juicy pork and savory broth. This classic flavor is a great starting point for those who have never tried Xiao Long Bao before. Another popular filling is shrimp, which has a light, delicate flavor that pairs perfectly with the surrounding dumpling skin and broth.

For those who prefer a more adventurous flavor, there are also varieties that incorporate unique ingredients like truffle or crab roe. These may be a bit more expensive, but they offer a one-of-a-kind taste experience that is sure to impress. No matter which variety you choose, you're sure to find something delicious in Taipei's vibrant Xiao Long Bao scene.

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Comparison of Price Points

There are many varieties of Xiao Long Bao to choose from in Taipei and some of them are priced differently. We've made a comparison of prices of the most popular varieties. From affordable eats to higher-end experiences, we've got the lowdown on where to get the most bang for your buck.

Starting with the most affordable option, Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao are a staple for hungry diners on a budget. At just $1.50 USD per dumpling, you can fill up on delicious flavors without breaking the bank. For those willing to spend a bit more, you can head to Mala Yuanyang Hotpot for their $6 USD Xiao Long Bao served with truffles and foie gras.

When it comes to indulging in the luxurious, Yen restaurant's Xiao Long Bao of Oscietra caviar and Maine lobster will set you back a cool $20 USD per dumpling. But for many foodies, the experience is worth it. No matter your price point, there's a Xiao Long Bao variety in Taipei that's sure to satisfy your cravings.

Popularity of Each Variety

Xiao Long Bao, also known as soup dumplings, are a popular street food in Taipei that has become a must-try dish for visitors. The popularity of this dish lies in the rich flavors and sauces that encapsulate a juicy meat filling in every bite. But did you know that there are different varieties of Xiao Long Bao in Taipei?

The popularity of each variety is based on the unique twist that each restaurant puts on the traditional soup dumplings. Some places add truffle oil to enhance the flavor, while others use different meats for the filling, such as pork, shrimp, even chicken. Each variation offers a new experience that is worth trying.

One variety that has gained popularity is the crab roe Xiao Long Bao. The creamy filling is a combination of pork and crab roe, and the resulting flavor is unique and savory. Another variation worth mentioning is the spicy beef Xiao Long Bao, which is a perfect blend of spices and tender beef.

It is testament to the creativity of Taiwanese chefs and the love locals have for this flavorful dish that each variety of chow mein is so popular. So the next time you visit Taipei, don't forget to try different varieties, and experience first-hand why Xiao Long Bao has become a beloved street food.

Conclusion & Recommendations

After a thrilling exploration of different Xiao Long Bao varieties in Taipei, it's clear that Taiwan takes its dim sum seriously. The fluffy steamed dumplings, filled with flavorful pork and juicy soup, can be found in almost every nook and cranny of the city. Each restaurant specializes in its unique take on the classic dish, from perfectly balanced seasoning to the creative variety of meat.

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From boiling hot to a more chilled-out atmosphere, the restaurants that we visited offered a different view of Taipei. One standout was certainly the Ding Tai Fung restaurant, with its delicate and intricate dumplings, which were a gustatory feast, and exceptional service. The Din Tai Fung chain is one of the most famous in Taiwan, but don't overlook smaller locales too!

However, with so many different Xia Long Bao varieties to pick from, a recommendation is necessary. Here's what to keep in mind. Check out how thin or thick the actual wrapping is – generally, thinner wrapping results in a tastier dumpling. Pay attention to the quality of the fillings – good filling is fresh and melt-in-your-mouth good. Finally, make sure you find a balance of spice. Keep to these guidelines and you'll have a delicious experience chugging down Xiao Long Bao all over Taipei, wherever you go!


Xiao Long Bao is one of the most popular foods in Taipei, and there are many different varieties to try. Depending on your taste preferences, you can choose from steamed, fried, or boiled Xiao Long Bao. No matter what type you prefer, you are sure to find a restaurant in Taipei that will satisfy your cravings.

One thing to keep in mind is that the fillings inside the Xiao Long Bao can vary widely. Some traditional varieties include pork, shrimp, and even crab. However, more modern variations have popped up, such as truffle cheese-filled Xiao Long Bao. These trendy takes on a classic dish have been met with mixed reviews, but they are worth trying at least once.

If you're feeling adventurous, you should also try some of the unique condiments that are served with Xiao Long Bao in Taipei. Soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil are classic choices, but some places offer other options as well. For example, one restaurant serves a special peanut butter sauce that pairs perfectly with their Xiao Long Bao. It may sound strange, but it's definitely worth a try!


This diverse and unique world of xiao long bao in Taipei is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Its variations in ingredients, preparation, and presentation add to each bite's unique sensory delight. As a traveler, food lover, or simply someone seeking diversification in their palate, exploring the world of xiao long bao in Taipei is an absolute must. Tasting the delicacies of this Chinese tradition gives you a better understanding of the flavor profiles, techniques, and culinary customs of Taiwan. Who knows, maybe your newfound love of xiao long bao will inspire you to recreate the dishes in your own kitchen, or encourage you to embark on a culinary exploration of other traditional dishes around the world? In any case, remember to savor each bite and appreciate the significance and history behind it. Happy Eating!

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